The PE Box

I have set up The PE Box because I want to support Primary School teachers to deliver high quality PE lessons. I am passionate about giving all children the opportunity to become physically literate so they have the best possible chance of making healthy lifestyle choices. I want to fill The PE Box with all of the wonderful activities that I have enjoyed with children during my long teaching career.

This term The PE Box is full of Activities that will get children moving and learning outdoors, even in chilly weather. You will find flexible Schemes of Work that allow you to choose Lesson Formats that suit your children, your school's facilities and your confidence in teaching PE. For Key Stage 1 the materials focus on those vital movement fundamentals: locomotion, agility, stability and object control. Units are designed so the children develop all these fundamentals every lesson. Key Stage 2 materials also emphasise the importance of movement skills along with developing generic ball skills and then applying these in game situations.

Schemes of Work are FREE to view and download. To get you started  you can also view and downloa, for a limited period, the Activity Cards for Lesson A. 

If you choose to subscribe you can access all of the Activity Cards set out in the Schemes of Work as well as other documents that will support your understanding of teaching pedagogies in High Quality PE.

I will be adding to the contents of The PE Box whenever time permits. Register your details to receive updates on new resources. In particular watch out for Gymnastics resources in January and fantastic Sports Day materials in the summer term. 



Subscribe and you can access:

  • Hundreds of coded and sorted Activity Cards
  • Lesson Formats to suit all settings and levels of teacher confidence
  • Schemes of Work 
  • Learning intention statements for all Areas of PE Activity
  • Ideas for Level 1 and Level Zero competitions
  • Outstanding Sports Day Toolkits



What I can offer your school

  • Flexible teaching resources
  • CPD courses delivered at your school
  • A bespoke planning service
  • Mentoring for your PE coordinator
  • An audit of your PE provision and equipment
  • Advice on the purchase and storage of PE equipment
  • Expertise in the use of gymnastic apparatus

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