Athletic activities for Upper KS2

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Running Activities
Get your children moving outdoors with our fantastic 4X4 Running Planning and Running Activity Cards. Want to hold a special running event? Our Performance Cards enable all children to challenge themselves in individual competition and as part of a team. 






Sports Day Toolkit
Looking forward to the summer? Take a look at The Track & Field Sports Day: a Level 1 sports event inspired by Sports Hall Athletics but designed for outdoors.  Also view The Clockwork Sports Day (in the Lower KS2 tab) as this inclusive event is suitable for the whole of KS2.
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Athletic Activities
Resources to prepare for The Track & Field Sports Day will be available soon. In the meantime please look at Lower KS2 resources which also suit older children who have less experience of athletics. If you are planning an all-age KS2 Sports Day then the Clockwork Sports Day (see LKS2) is ideal.

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