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Learn to Move - Move to Learn

“Physical literacy provides children with the movement foundation for a lifelong participation in physical activity”. 
 (Youth Sport Trust)

I am a teacher, a physical educator not a sports coach. In my work I use child centred educational pedagogies. I teach children to move and then to learn through movement. Children love to move; indeed it is difficult to stop them moving! If they learn to move confidently, movement becomes the perfect vehicle to learn a whole range of life skills. It opens the door to an active healthy life, and the development of character and values through competitive sports or outdoor challenges.

My mission is to give Primary School class teachers the confidence to deliver regular high quality PE lessons

I believe that every child is entitled to be physically literate and that this is only possible if they have access to high quality physical education during their primary school years. In recent years there has been a marked increase in the quantity and quality of junior sports programmes offered by sports governing bodies and also by school holiday sports camps. However there remain children who are unable to access such provision. This coupled with sedentary lifestyles means the gap in physical literacy between these two groups of children is widening. The only providers in a position to close this gap are primary schools.

The Primary School PE & Sport Premium and The School Games have strengthened provision but have they closed the physical literacy gap in your school? Do children who already access quality sport and activity outside school, dominate PE and sport in school?  I want to support class teachers to adapt the teaching skills that they use so effectively inside the classroom and apply them in the PE setting. The result…high quality PE lessons leading to physical literacy for all.



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